Thái Cực Túy Quyền


A young man who wonders around town spoiling and ruining for others confronts his rival and humiliates him in the process. This leads to the rival plotting a revenge with his friends by setting up an ambush and using fireworks to their aid. However, the young man - together with his brother - manages to walk away from the ambush and uses the the gang's weapons against themselves. Heavily injured as a result, the rival's vindictive father hires a killer to wipe out the young man and his entire family. The killer closes in on the family and kills everyone on sight. Fortunately, the young man is present elsewhere and - after finding out about his family - escapes from the killer's clutches. Later on, the young man meets a puppeteer who takes him in and introducing the young man to his wife. After escaping few more times from the killer, the puppeteer reveals himself as a master of tai chi and teaches the young man the art to defeat the killer.